the case of the mysterious beams of light.

last night, around 11:30pm, kris and i were getting ready for bed and she looked out a west window and said, “wow, what in the world is that?” we watched as about 20 beams of light formed slowly along intersection of the street running north and south near our house ( the rusk and court intersection, for the locals reading this ). each beam was looked to be about a two feet wide and they were grouped in clusters of four ( so, five groups of four beams ). strangely, the beams appeared to start about 20 or 30 feet above the rooftops of nearby houses – i.e. they didn’t go all the way up into the night sky. they gradually got about as bright as a bright moombeam and faded away rather quickly after 5 minutes.

we moved around while looking out the window and they didn’t move around. they were not reflections in the window.

i made a joke about them being tractor beams from alien space ships in another dimension.

but seriously, we both saw them. what’s a reasonable explanation for the phenomenon? swamp gas?

2 thoughts on “the case of the mysterious beams of light.”

  1. I want a reasonable explanation for why they were at THAT intersection. I suspect something is buried in the caves.

  2. I am sure it was the aliens – Timmy G and I were just having a serious discussion at lunch the other day about aliens and how they are the only explanation for a lot of things.

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