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The Compleat De-Pinkification.

The Compleat De-Pinkification. I.


now, if only someone would buy and fix up the dilapidated victorian next door that you can see through the window which is in foreclosure.

yes, the windows still need some work. BUT STILL!

The Compleat De-Pinkification. II.

look at that – NO HOLE!

and i think you have to look pretty darned close to detect the patch.

so, so, so happy to be done with the this project.

so long, prettiest in pink mud room.

so long, prettiest in pink mud room.

soon, finally, the prettiest in pink mudroom will be no more! i would have never guessed we’d live for five years with another home owners color preference.

i made short work of the hole in the corner with some spray foam, drywall and lots of joint compound (i think sprayfoam might be the duct tape of aging home repair ). inelegant, but it’ll last until we get around to doing it right.

also, much replastering of corners and cracks and whatnot.

whenever i do plaster work ( and i’ve done a loooooooot of it ), i always wonder what happens to the plaster particles that end up in my lungs. probably totally safe, right?

now, what color to go with…