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18 miles! and what to eat and not eat before a long run.

18 miles! and what to eat and not eat before a long run.

it’s just 5 weeks until the chicago marathon which means i just have a few more long runs before tapering down on the last 3 weeks before the race. my last three long runs have been 16 milers. i posted about one here and the rest i ran on vacation in maine. i’ll possibly maybe get around to posting about them if i have time. generally speaking they’ve gone alright for LSD ( long slow distance ) runs where the goal is to just make it through the run at about a mile or two per hour pace slower than your 10K speed ( usually when i get in trouble it’s because i try to outpace my LSD speed and start to run out of gas ).

so today was my 18 miler and i started it with my usual, favorite pre-run food, stonyfield oikos organic greek yogurt. it makes for a great post run snack but i’ve also found the extra protein and modest carbs make for an awesome, easily digestable pre-run snack that keeps giving the gift of energy along the way ( in addition to a mocha clif shot for longer runs ).

that’s all well and fine and the first 12 miles felt excellent, but then the gas ran out of the tank and the last 6 miles were a tortuous reminder why having a dinner of more than a couple of beers and pretzels ( and nothing else! ) is not a way to get prepared for longer long runs. one or two beers is fine as long as they’re not consumed on an emtpy stomach. 3 or 4 not so good. especially when only chased with pretzels.

while it was a fun going away party for a co-worker – lesson definitely learned. as powerful as stonyfield organic greek yogurt is, it’s not enough to counteract ill effects of even modest amounts of beer 🙂

IQ and Pesticides: Another Important Study

new research from the prestigious boston children’s hospital, published in environmental health perspectives, “A Strategy for Comparing the Contributions of Environmental Chemicals and Other Risk Factors to Neurodevelopment of Children”, identifies the top five risk factors associated with decreases in children’s IQs. number 3 on the list, right behind lead? organophosphate pesticides which are used in conventional/non-organic food production. according to wikipedia, “there are forty organophosphate pesticides registered in the U.S., with at least 73 million pounds used in agricultural and residential settings.” don’t panic, go organic.

wow. alden’s has totally reformulated their organic chocolate ice cream.

since taking over the ice cream case at our local food coop, alden’s organic has been our go-to ice cream. while we’d love to support local ice cream makers, it consistantly scores “above average” on snowdeal family taste tests, is easy to get since it’s stocked at the coop and is relatively affordable.

i don’t have a particularly strong “sweet tooth” but i’ve grown fond of their chocolate ice cream with it’s deep chocolate color and rich taste. so i was quite surprised to open a new carton to see what appears to be a dramatic reformulation.

gone are the rich, dark color tones and if i’m not mistaken the new product has a softer feel out of freezer that i’m guessing means they are whipping more air into it.

i’m no ice cream supertaster so i have to admit that the two products taste similar, but jeez – visually – they sure look different.

i’m sure alden’s product managers are happy with the improved margins on the new product 🙂