wow. alden’s has totally reformulated their organic chocolate ice cream.

since taking over the ice cream case at our local food coop, alden’s organic has been our go-to ice cream. while we’d love to support local ice cream makers, it consistantly scores “above average” on snowdeal family taste tests, is easy to get since it’s stocked at the coop and is relatively affordable.

i don’t have a particularly strong “sweet tooth” but i’ve grown fond of their chocolate ice cream with it’s deep chocolate color and rich taste. so i was quite surprised to open a new carton to see what appears to be a dramatic reformulation.

gone are the rich, dark color tones and if i’m not mistaken the new product has a softer feel out of freezer that i’m guessing means they are whipping more air into it.

i’m no ice cream supertaster so i have to admit that the two products taste similar, but jeez – visually – they sure look different.

i’m sure alden’s product managers are happy with the improved margins on the new product 🙂

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