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running update – 10 months and 1190 miles later.

wow. it’s hard to believe that it’s been slightly over 10 months since i started running again and five months since i decided to run the chicago marathon 9 years after running it for the first time!

i just tallied up my mileage and i’ve run 1,190 miles since starting up again. if memory serves that’s almost half the distance across the united states from coast to coast “as the crow flies”!

and now it’s just shy of 12 weeks until the chicago marathon which means i have to get serious about putting in a longer run each week and building up to about an 18 or 20 miles before the marathon.

i’ve been running 5-6 miles a day 7 days a week for many months now to get a solid base down, so i’ll have to come up with a plan that keeps the overall mileage about the same but throws in a long run on the weekend with a rest day – probably customized off one of the hal higdon routines.

here we goooooooooooo!

on turning 40 and kicking 30 year old me’s ass.

well, turning 40 had to happen sooner or later. i’m not one to think too much about “big birthdays”. time marches on and all that.

it is amusing to me that ten years ago, right before i turned 30 i started running and in that post i don’t say clearly what my motivation was – to do something at 30 years old that my 20 year old self would have thought was impossible. ten years ago i could barely run for 5 minutes and if my 30 year self could have had a conversation with my 20 year old self and said i was training for a marathon, my 20 year old self would have said i had gone batshit crazy. completely insane. and yet, i did it and went on to run a few marathons before completely falling off the wagon after odin was born.

and so, now that i’ve turned 40 i’m doing it again. trying to do something my 30 year old self would have never thought possible. not just running a marathon, but running it faster and stronger than i ever could have imagined at even 30 years old. then, i was just hoping to finish which was an incomprehensible feat for someone who couldn’t imagine running even a 5k. now, i’m hoping to finish in under 4 hours which means i have to average 9 minute miles for 26.2 miles.

to be honest, i’m not sure i can get to that pace by the time i run the chicago marathon. it seems impossible now.

but who knows, maybe i can prove my 40 year old self wrong while kicking my 30 year old self’s ass 🙂 it’s really a function of weight. i’ve lost 40 pounds since starting running again and i probably have to lose 30 more to have any hope of finishing under 4 hours.

i do know my 30 year old self would have never been able to run 6 miles without stopping while averaging 10 minute miles with 7 minute mile sprints. 7 days a week.

and i’d really like to know what my 50 year old self is going to come up with to kick my 40 year old self’s ass.

what do you got? an ultramarathon?? bring. it. on.

twingy heel pretty much mostly not twingy anymore!

after feeling the twingy heel a couple of weeks ago, i backed off the long, 8-11 mile, weekend run and picked up some extra shorter runs.

so, instead of running 4 days a week with 3 shorter runs and a long run, now i’m running 4-6 miles 5-7 times a week. net-net, i’m running slightly longer totals for the week ( 20-30 miles ) and my heel is really thanking me.

it’s pretty much mostly not twingy anymore!

since it’s continuing to improve i’ll keep up with the new schedule for a few more weeks before picking up the mileage on the long run.

i can’t believe i’ve been back in the running saddle for 3.5 months! i almost feel like a “real” runner again.

on knowing good pain from bad pain.

it’s funny to me that i’ve been quiet over here about the fact that i’ve been running again! after 7 years trying and trying again to get back into a regular routine after odin was born, i’ve been back at it for 12 solid weeks. i’ve ramped up to 20+ miles a week fairly quickly with three 4-5 milers during the week and a longer 9-11 mile run on the weekend.

so far, it’s been surprisingly, um, easy ( relatively speaking ), but i know from my marathon training days that 8 to 12 weeks into it is when you want to pay close attention to what your body is telling you. it’s all too easy to ignore a little pain in the foot until it turns into a repetitive stress injury that can take months to heal.

this week i felt the dreaded “heel twinge” after a 5 miler. could be nothing, or it could be the beginnings of plantar fasciitis. i skipped a weekday run but kept feeling the twinge in my heel for the rest of the week whenever i’d reach down to touch my toes.

i dropped the long run this weekend and almost didn’t run at all, but against my better judgement i decided to see if a short five miler today would work it out. sure enough, i seem to have run through it.

maybe just a tight hamstring? we’ll see if i’m limping in the morning.

day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics.

day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics. I.

well, at least the end of this session of gymnastics. it seems impossible to believe odin’s first gymnastics class which started three months ago is over already! hi. ho. i’m sure there will be lots of biking and swimming and who-knows-what to take its place over the summer until classes resume in the fall.

maybe by then i’ll figure out how to take better pictures in the athletic center 🙂

day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics. II.

apparently i need to reassess how high i think he jump on the trampoline while framing the shot.

day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics. III.

odin gets some tutelage on how to stoop and swoop his foot down below the balance beam before lifting it uuuuuuuup and over the safety cone.

i am quite confident i would have fallen off at this point but he stayed standing and made it to the end.

day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics. IV.

and i’m also quite confident that i could never, ever pick a point on the floor to focus on while lifting up one leg and leaning over without falling flat on my face.

while his classmates might look underwhelmed, i am mighty impressed 🙂

somehow i managed to not get a single photograph on the uneven bars! booo!