76 weeks later – I LOST 100 POUNDS!

i almost can’t believe it, but 76 weeks after starting running again after a 7 year hiatus, i’ve logged 2,357 miles and finally hit my goal of losing 100 pounds!

it’s been just a year since i committed to running another marathon and i’ve kept losing weight since meeting my original goal of losing 70 pounds by the time i ran the chicago marathon 4 months ago and hit a big fitness milestone a month later at 75 pounds and realized i could keep going and lost 90 pounds by the new year.

at that point i thought, why not just hit a nice round number and erase a full 17 years of weight gains and go for 100. AND I DID IT! of the many wonderful things to love about losing 100 pounds, one of the best is that at 195 pounds i’m now no longer a clydesdale!

so, now i’m reprogramming the reprogramming and am a couple of weeks into phase II fitness – stage I. 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups ( already for the first time in my life i can do 60 push-ups and 91 sit-ups ) while i think about new ways to kick 30 year old me’s ass.

as you might imagine, i get a lot of questions about how i lost so much weight and i do plan to write a longer post revealing all my secrets! the abridged version? i ran a lot and i ate a little less. it adds up over time 🙂

according to the BMI calculators at 195 pounds, i’m now solidly in the “normal” range for body mass index and the 28th percentile for my age. but BMI is a rather imprecise gauge for body composition and given the number of questions i get about how much more weight i plan to lose ( the implication being that i don’t need to lose anymore ), i think it’s time to get a more rigorous assessment of how much i should lose. at most i might try for 5 or 10 more pounds, if for no other reason than to weigh what i weighed in high school lo those many years ago.

but for now, i’m happy to have lost 350,000 calories worth of weight and am hopeful that i never, ever, ever have to do this again 🙂

also, i need new pants.

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