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on the disparity between regular gas and diesel gas prices

as most are aware regular gas prices are plunging which is putting the pinch on oil exporters and handing a $75 billion tax cut to the U.S. but as a long-time TDI driver i watch the diesel price which is spiking. currently, in wisconsin, there’s a $1.20 per gallon difference between regular and diesel – hence “Black-Market Diesel: Thieves Sell Fuel By The Truckload”. pop quiz, when was the last time diesel was cheaper than regular gas? 2002 which was the first year we bought a diesel.

90 miles. 57.6 mpg. and not even hypermiling the jetta tdi sportwagen.

90 miles. 57.6 mpg.  and not even hypermiling the jetta tdi sportwagen.

after driving our 2005.5 jetta tdi sedan for nine years and 186,000 miles we thought it was time to get another car and loved the gas milease of the diesel but wanted more room so opted for the sportwagen.

we’ve been driving manual transmissions tdis for almost 15 years and in the sedan i could regularly get close to 50mpg which was much higher than the “official” mpg ( which i think was something like 38mpg ) and i was a little nervous that we’d still see that kind of mileage with the wagon which if officially rated at 23 city and 33 hwy.

sure enough after the “break in” period of a few thousand miles i can regularly get higher than 50mpg at speeds between 55-60mph ( it drops to mid to high 40s at higher speeds ).

on a recent trip through rolling hills of the driftless region i managed to get 57.9mpg after driving 90 miles.

and no i wasn’t doing any fancy hypermiling manual transmission moves. pretty amazing. i’m not sure what you with an automatic transmission so can’t say how much of the difference between the official numbers is a result of conservative reporting on volkwagen’s part or my super optimized manual transmission skills.

in the interest of full disclosure, kris took this picture while i was driving 🙂

$4.20 on 4.20

$4.20 on 4.20

diesel was still $4.20 on 4.20 so i figured i had to capture the moment since it it may not ever happen again. who knows, maybe it’ll be $5.20 on 5.20 with the run-up ahead of memorial day weekend.

i’m surprised nobody took me up on my offer for 420 bonus points.

i have a jetta tdi so i really only care about diesel prices although i really actually don’t care about them too much since i’m lucky enough to get 50 miles per gallon.

you poor saps with regular ol’ gas guzzling cars – ouch! no wonder vw is adding diesels across their entire line.

pot smoking diesel drivers rejoice! or not.

pot smoking diesel drivers rejoice! or not.

let’s be clear, i’m not talking about me, but i chuckle at the thought of potheads around the nation attaching cosmic significance to the fact that diesel has risen to $4.20 per gallon.

i’m just thankful to be getting 50 mpg in our TDI.

420 bonus points will be awarded to the first person to post a photo of themselves catching the facebook 420 character limit while pumping $4.20 diesel and smoking a fattie! ( i jest. sort-of. )