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the results from beta testing the roofbag.

the results from beta testing the roofbag.

the beta test of the roof bag is a resounding success. we did learn that you want to fill up the bag as much as you can to get the straps to proper tightness and to avoid the sound of the bag deforming in the breeze. if you don’t have it completely full then we found it’s best to have space all filled up in the front of the bag, again to avoid excess bag flapping noise. some people said they had problems with strap noise with other soft carriers, but we’re old hats at straps from hauling canoes around and know there’s a bit of an art to getting them juuuuuuuuust tight enough to not flap but not so tight that the wind makes them “whine”. so no strap noise for us.

works for us! very affordable ( i think we got it for $60 on sale), easy to put on and take off, provides lots of extra storage for trips which gives us enough room to put the two dogs comfortably in the back ( which they loved! ). and there was even room of the roof to strap on a christmas tree for the ride home! the christmas tree is only being help on by “friction” of straps from the roofbag, so hopefully it stays put for the 6 hour drive!

about the only downside that i i can think of, is it doesn’t present much of an obstacle to theft so on multiday trips or while taking extended time away from the car during a trip, i’m not sure how comfortable i would be having our possessions a knife slit way from being stolen. but that’s not our most common “use case” which is simply taking long day trips from point A to point B which as few stops as we can manage 🙂

326/365. beta testing the roofbag.

326/365. beta testing the roofbag.

on longer trips, especially since we take frida mostly everywhere with us, we’re often wanting more space in the car. on a trip to maine we saw a car with one of these roofbags and it looked like it might do the trick; affordable, waterproof, easy to put on and take off, and made in the USA.

we’re dog sitting for an extended period of time so on this trip to the upper peninsula of michigan it made even more sense to try out the roof bag so we could have both of the dogs in the space where the luggage would normally go.

so far, so good, although the dogs are a little confused 😃

will our luggage be scattered all over US 2? who knows!

256/365. wherein i discover the jetta sportwagen control to turn off bluetooth autoplay. why is this even a thing i have to do apple?

256/365. wherein i discover the jetta sportwagen control to turn off bluetooth autoplay. why is this even a thing i have to do apple?

so a few days ago i vented about issue i was having that for some reason apple music on my iPhone had started randomly taking over car bluetooth connection, playing songs from a U2 album i didn’t buy. at the time i lamented that it was the lamest product/brand experience i’ve ever had with apple. “stop trying to shove apple music down my throat. maddening”. responses from twitter, Facebook and email suggested i was not alone. a few google searches later and i discovered i was discovered i very much not alone. the fix suggestions are summarized in “how to stop the Music app from auto-playing in your car”. #2 is “turn off auto-play in your car, if possible”. okaaaaaaay.

hmmmm, i had no idea there was an autoplay option. so i went looking and it turns out there is! we’ve had the car for longer than the iPhone and i don’t have an explanation for how/why it suddenly it started auto-playing ( did odin mess with the settings? )?

either way i can’t believe there’s way to configure autoplay on the iOS side. really, apple? i’m sure it’s not a coincidence that it defaults to autoplay apple music. i’m glad volkswagen gives me a way to turn it off in lieu of ability to control it on the device side.

90 miles. 57.6 mpg. and not even hypermiling the jetta tdi sportwagen.

90 miles. 57.6 mpg.  and not even hypermiling the jetta tdi sportwagen.

after driving our 2005.5 jetta tdi sedan for nine years and 186,000 miles we thought it was time to get another car and loved the gas milease of the diesel but wanted more room so opted for the sportwagen.

we’ve been driving manual transmissions tdis for almost 15 years and in the sedan i could regularly get close to 50mpg which was much higher than the “official” mpg ( which i think was something like 38mpg ) and i was a little nervous that we’d still see that kind of mileage with the wagon which if officially rated at 23 city and 33 hwy.

sure enough after the “break in” period of a few thousand miles i can regularly get higher than 50mpg at speeds between 55-60mph ( it drops to mid to high 40s at higher speeds ).

on a recent trip through rolling hills of the driftless region i managed to get 57.9mpg after driving 90 miles.

and no i wasn’t doing any fancy hypermiling manual transmission moves. pretty amazing. i’m not sure what you with an automatic transmission so can’t say how much of the difference between the official numbers is a result of conservative reporting on volkwagen’s part or my super optimized manual transmission skills.

in the interest of full disclosure, kris took this picture while i was driving 🙂