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day 3352: first screening in the treehouse movie theater!

a few weeks ago while i was hanging christmas tree lights for ambience i suddenly realized that i had built the treehouse deck perfectly to show movies on our house! hanging christmas tree lights around treehouse deck & looked at flat 10'x10' section of house. YOU GUYS! A BACKYARD TREEHOUSE MOVIE THEATER! — Eric C. […]

day 3314: on sharing the death star.

odin looooooves legos so when a veeeeery generous relative ( possibly too generous gave him a death star for his birthday he was, unsurprisingly, quite a happy boy. it says if for ages 14 and up but odin has advanced lego skills and put together the 3,803 pieces in marathon sessions over a few days. […]

A Treetop Falcon by Avanaut

was the destruction of the death star an inside job? and listen to all six episodes of The Power of Myth.

i can’t believe it never occurred to me that the destruction of the death star in star wars episode IV could have been an inside job. coincidentally, all 6 episodes of the power of myth are online through friday, march 22nd so maybe it’s time to revisit to see if any more clues can be […]

day 3103: odin shows off his lego millennium falcon.

like a lot of kids his age odin loves lego and while he hasn’t seen the star wars movies, he somehow seems to know a lot about them and really likes the millennium falcon, so he was super excited to have gotten the lego ship as a gift for christmas from his grandparents. while it […]