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on interstellar and the illusion of time.

i saw interstellar last night and it’s a great movie. not perfect by any means, but it’s sci-fi and even Neil DeGrasse Tyson is okay with the ending.

many of the theories in the film are explored in the embedded NOVA episode, “The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time” which has quotes from physicists that sound like they could be buddhist monks – e.g. “everything that has ever happened or will happen – it all exists.” and from an NPR story on the show, “Our days certainly seem numbered. We long to know if this countdown to darkness is real, or simply the trick of a more limited perspective.”

for even more Deep Thoughts About Time, give a listen to the Radiolab Time episode and remember that all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.

day 3352: first screening in the treehouse movie theater!

First showing in the tree house movie theater!

a few weeks ago while i was hanging christmas tree lights for ambience i suddenly realized that i had built the treehouse deck perfectly to show movies on our house!

there was space for about an 11 foot screen. and as if by magic the “throwing distance” from the deck to the house is such that the it’s the perfect distance to project onto the space. so obviously this was something that HAD TO HAPPEN! SOON!

day 3352: first screening in the treehouse movie theater! II.

i quickly procured a projector and decided to test it out by playing star wars episode IV. i was just testing and i didn’t think it was going to look great without putting up a screen so i wasn’t even intending to watch the whole movie. but it looked so awesome we decided to sit outside and watch our first movie in the trees!

day 3352: first screening in the treehouse movie theater! III.

while you can see the lines of the siding, after a few minutes of watching you quickly didn’t notice them. that said, i have plans to build a screen which will make the experience even more excellent! it’s hard to see on the photos but resolution of the image is a.maz.ing! i hooked up the insanely affordable and great sounding cyber acoustics computer speakers we have in the house which made it even more like being in a theater, EXCEPT WE’RE IN THE TREES!

watching movies on the treehouse deck is, without a doubt, going to be a regular thing.

day 3339: odin and pushkin enjoy their first ( and maybe last ) drive-in movie.

day 3339: odin and pushkin enjoy their first ( and maybe last ) drive-in movie.

we’re lucky enough to have a drive-in theater nearby in richland center wisconsin and decided to take odin and pushkin to see turbo because, sadly, the theater might be closing soon.

at the end of 2013 films are no longer being distributed, well, on film. and it costs about $70,000 per screen to convert to digital projectors. the starlight website says they are going to start a fundraising campaign soon, but it seems a bit late in the game. next weekend is their last showing for the season and if they don’t raise the money they won’t open next year.

i hope they raise the money and we’ll certainly kick in some to help because it’s a whole lot of fun to lay on the ground on a blanket and catch a movie!

i thought the movie was funny and cute, but odin said he’s seen better :-)

day 3103: odin shows off his lego millennium falcon.

day 3103: odin shows off his lego millennium falcon. I.

like a lot of kids his age odin loves lego and while he hasn’t seen the star wars movies, he somehow seems to know a lot about them and really likes the millennium falcon, so he was super excited to have gotten the lego ship as a gift for christmas from his grandparents.

while it isn’t the 5,000 piece star wars ultimate collector’s millennium falcon ( which can be had for $3,000! ), it’s still a large 1,500 piece set and i thought it would take him a few days to put it together.

as usual, i underestimated him. it took about 4 hours :-)

day 3103: odin shows off his lego millennium falcon. II.

in honor of putting together the grand ship, we decided to right a wrong and watched episode IV: a new hope so, you know, he could see the inside of the ship in the movie ( he loved the movie ).

day 2702: the muppets!

day 2702: the muppets!

ah, who amongst us of a certain age doesn’t have find spot in their heart for the muppets?

and so odin and us went to the theater to see the new muppet movie which has great reviews on rotten tomatoes ( trivia: this is only the second movie odin has ever seen in a theater ).

it ended up being a very cute, goofy movie. not perfect, but recommended.

although there were lots of meta, insidery jokes odin really enjoyed the movie even though he hasn’t watched much of the original tv show or any of the other movies. i heard loads of laughter from folks of all ages through the whole movie.

side note, whenever i hear rowlf the dog i always think he’s channeling tom waits. i mean, it’s totally obvious, right?

except for the fact that rowlf first made his appearance as a muppet in 1963 when tom was still in high school and well before he recorded his first demo album. so it’s entirely possible that tom waits is actually channeling rolf!

here’s rowlf covering “warm beer and cold women” off of nighthawks at the diner.