day 3314: on sharing the death star.

day 3314: on sharing the death star.

odin looooooves legos so when a veeeeery generous relative ( possibly too generous 🙂 gave him a death star for his birthday he was, unsurprisingly, quite a happy boy. it says if for ages 14 and up but odin has advanced lego skills and put together the 3,803 pieces in marathon sessions over a few days.

we wondered if it could be cause for conflict or jealousy amongst his friends who might covet such an extravagance. nope. friends come over and play for hours and discuss and that aspect fo the model and how faithful a replica it is to the death star in the star wars movies.

he’s even voluntarily loaned it out so friends who don’t have it can enjoy it from the comfort of their own homes, which is an excellent example of odin’s kindness and generosity.

i’m pretty sure when i was nine i wouldn’t have loaned it out to my friends and i’d probably have taunted them for not having it.

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