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day 2979: a new haircut and glasses for school.

day 2979: a new haircut and glasses for school.

hanging out at the playground during unicycle lessons, i noticed odin’s new haircut ( he requested a “spikey” haircut and even wanted to try out gel?! ) and glasses that he picked out for school make him look all growed up!

he’s getting to be such a big boy. i don’t have to try very hard to look at him and see a teenager. ack!

he only has about a foot to grow before he’s taller than his mother. sigh.

day 2979: first day of unicycle lessons!

day 2979: first day of unicycle lessons! I.

right before we left for vacation we were walking by odin’s school playground and noticed a bunch of kids on unicycles. as it turns out, they’ve been having classes there every wednesday night over the summer and odin definitely thought it was something he’d really, really, really like to learn. and you know what? i’ve always wanted to learn how to unicycle too, so we made a plan to start going to lessons after we got back from vacation.

unfortunately in the few weeks that passed, the instructor of the class left town but some of the kids have decided to keep teaching the classes themselves which is some excellent initiative for kids that aren’t much older than odin.

the first step to learning how to ride a unicycle involves getting used to balancing and pedaling by slowly moving along while holding on to a fence. according to the kids, you’ve graduated from the first level of unicycle training when you can move along two panels of the fence without holding on at all. usually it take about a month of once-a-week practice to gain mastery over the fence.

day 2979: first day of unicycle lessons! II.

watching the other kids do bunny hops and ride backwards and forwards is just the right motivation for odin to quickly graduate from holding onto the fence.

day 2979: first day of unicycle lessons! III.

what luck! holding hands with poppi is totally within the rules of beginner unicycling 🙂

one day odin will find something that is difficult to learn, but unicycling will apparently not be that thing. after one day of practice he was already close to being able to move along two panels of the fence without holding on. it’s highly doubtful that he’ll need the whole month to graduate from the first level.

his poppi on the other hand, well that’s another story…

maybe one day we can bring the darth vader bagpipe unicycling tradition to viroqua.

day 2238: wherein we learn one of us has a hard time getting in and out of the monkey bars.

after our search for jasper we spent some time hanging out at the elementary school of my youth ( which was named after rose m. gaffney who began teaching in 1897 and i often have wondered if she ever sent any of my relatives to the principle’s office ).

the school looks quite a bit different than when i was a kid, but it was fun to watch odin play on the monkey bars and imagine that they might – just maybe – be the same bars i played on when i was his age.

being on elementary school property, it’s always good to learn a lesson. and mine for the day? that it’s a lot harder to get *out* from inside the bars than i remember it being 30 years ago! as luck would have it, i had the camera so unfortunately it was impossible to document my attempts to escape 🙂

odin plays the ol’ game of see-if-i-can-kick-the-camera-while-on-the-swing. someday he’s going to win.