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day 2238: wherein we learn one of us has a hard time getting in and out of the monkey bars.

after our search for jasper we spent some time hanging out at the elementary school of my youth ( which was named after rose m. gaffney who began teaching in 1897 and i often have wondered if she ever sent any of my relatives to the principle’s office ).

the school looks quite a bit different than when i was a kid, but it was fun to watch odin play on the monkey bars and imagine that they might – just maybe – be the same bars i played on when i was his age.

being on elementary school property, it’s always good to learn a lesson. and mine for the day? that it’s a lot harder to get *out* from inside the bars than i remember it being 30 years ago! as luck would have it, i had the camera so unfortunately it was impossible to document my attempts to escape 🙂

odin plays the ol’ game of see-if-i-can-kick-the-camera-while-on-the-swing. someday he’s going to win.