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the ninth annual divot open!

the ninth annual divot open. I.

before odin was born on the fourth of july kris’ family would get together for the 4th weekend in the upper peninsula of michigan with activities centered around odin’s grandparent’s house in gladstone. the year he was born a few members of kris’ family played a round of golf at the gladstone gold and country club that turned into an annual event and after a few years a “divot award” was created to go to the player that best exemplifies its spirit of, uh, unusual excellence.

kris and i have played almost every year and i have no idea how i don’t have more photos from past years online. i’m guessing they are sitting on disk somewhere. it’s a great time and over nine years participation has expanded beyond family – this year we had 25 golfers! to keep the game from taking all day with the growing number of players we had move to scramble format many years ago. many of the holes have contests like “longest drive” and “closest to the pin”. winners of the contests receive a prize of immense value from the local thrift store.

i’m not a very good golfer and don’t take the game seriously which is part of the reason why i have so much fun tooling around with 25 other folks in golf carts on a beautiful day on a beautiful course.

oh, and there are adult beverages involved.

the ninth annual divot open. II.

there’s plenty of wildlife on the course. and not just the adults! ( rimshot ) in addition of seeing a few deer every year, we happened upon a friendly fox who seemed like he might be willing to eat out of my hand if i had any snacks.

the ninth annual divot open. III.

a few years ago, one of odin’s teenage cousins started a tradition of getting an outfit for the divot open at a local thrift store. not everyone has embraced the tradition, but some of us believe it’s all part of the fun. i think in a few years everyone will be rocking a thrifty ensemble.

there wasn’t much available in the men’s department, so i decided to go with size 6 capris, a sleeveless woman’s top and a terry cloth fedora. the sleeveless shirt really helped me even out my farmer’s tan.

when i walked into clubhouse, there were about a hundred people eating for some sort of function ( and had no idea we were starting the divot open ) and almost all of them stopped to look up. a guy at nearby table caught my eye and laughed, “i would so totally do that.”

without skipping a beat, i reached for his kids half eaten chicken finger and asked, “you going to finish that?” the wide eyed kid slowly nodded yes.

i heard “ha! i would so totally do that too!” as i walked out the door.

the ninth annual divot open. IV.

i think some are a little jealous I can fit in size 6 woman capris.

the ninth annual divot open. V.

after the game there’s pizza and beer while handing out of awards. it’s been a few years since the divot award came home. i think kris might have won it 2010. maybe next year!

i did get a beer cozie for “most spirit” award for my outfit which was a nice consolation prize 🙂

next year is going to be bigger and better since it’s be the 10th annual divot open and we might even let odin play for the first time on his 10th birthday.

day 2522: Be The Ball.

day 2522: Be The Ball. I.

i don’t know why but even though we’ve been doing it for many years, i am still surprised that we occasionally find enjoyment by going out and hitting a small ball around a course.

we go maybe 3 or 4 times a year which is not nearly frequently enough to get any good ( although i do occasionally win awards ), but infrequently enough to find it an amusing way to pass the time. perhaps we’ve stumbled upon the secret to enjoying the game of golf.

hitting a few buckets of balls on the driving range has become a semi-traditional start to summer.

day 2522: Be The Ball. II.

odin, silently pondering his shot? or attempting to tune out all the advice we are trying to give him about putting his hands this-way-and-not-that-way and placing his feet just so? or both?

day 2522: Be The Ball. III.

overall, odin has nice form, though we are still working on “keep your eye on the ball”.

day 2522: Be The Ball. IV.

observant golfers will note that odin might be a “lefty”, but only with golf a golf club. in tennis, hockey, baseball etc he’s most comfortable holding the raquet, club or bat as a “righty”, but such is not the case with a golf club.

we keep thinking he’ll adjust but he never does even after having proper lessons. time to buy some lefty clubs?

the divot award comes home.

the divot award comes home.

the divot award is given each year at a family golf outing to the golfer who best exemplifies its spirit of unusual excellence.

it was originally inspired by my superhuman ability to dig out giant clods of dirt mounds the size of texas while inexplicably leaving the ball untouched but one doesn’t just have to dig divots to bring home the award. after losing it ( unfairly i might add ) for a couple of years, i earned it back after dropping the first two balls ( mulligan! ) off the very first tee into the same 6 foot mud puddle about 50 feet away on the golf cart path. the very best part is that one of the balls went missing in the diminuitive water hazard.