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day 2522: Be The Ball.

day 2522: Be The Ball. I.

i don’t know why but even though we’ve been doing it for many years, i am still surprised that we occasionally find enjoyment by going out and hitting a small ball around a course.

we go maybe 3 or 4 times a year which is not nearly frequently enough to get any good ( although i do occasionally win awards ), but infrequently enough to find it an amusing way to pass the time. perhaps we’ve stumbled upon the secret to enjoying the game of golf.

hitting a few buckets of balls on the driving range has become a semi-traditional start to summer.

day 2522: Be The Ball. II.

odin, silently pondering his shot? or attempting to tune out all the advice we are trying to give him about putting his hands this-way-and-not-that-way and placing his feet just so? or both?

day 2522: Be The Ball. III.

overall, odin has nice form, though we are still working on “keep your eye on the ball”.

day 2522: Be The Ball. IV.

observant golfers will note that odin might be a “lefty”, but only with golf a golf club. in tennis, hockey, baseball etc he’s most comfortable holding the raquet, club or bat as a “righty”, but such is not the case with a golf club.

we keep thinking he’ll adjust but he never does even after having proper lessons. time to buy some lefty clubs?