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pregnancy update: born on the fourth of july.

Eric C. Snowdeal IV.
born at 8:36 p.m. on july fourth 2004.

weight: 1 pound 7 ounces
length: 12 inches

sometimes things they don’t turn out quite exactly how you planned.

72 hours ago there was not a single, solitary hint that kris and i would be thrust into the most emotionally wrenching experience that any parent-to-be could ever go through.

what looked initially like a bad migraine turned far, far too quickly into a life threatening, early, undetectable and freakishly aggressive case of preeclampsia.

in 48 hours kris went from a healthy, happy mother-to-be, to a woman who was frighteningly close to having a stroke and seizure and whose kidneys and liver were failing. and so, at 7:00 p.m. on july fourth 2004, the impossibly hard choice was made to deliver eric at a time when the odds aren’t in his favor to help kris survive.

kris is slowly recovering. her blood pressure is still far, far too high, but her kidneys and liver are slowly recovering. beautiful and fragil eric has a tough, tough path ahead of him. the statistics are not good for a baby born in the 24th and 6th day of gestation. the professionals would not give him a better than 65 percent chance of survival. but he’s already shown himself to be a good fighter and i truly believe he’s going to give it one hell of a shot.

no matter what your pursuasion, please think good thoughts for us.

we’re going to need it.


We had a micro premmie baby this morning at 24 weeks, she is so small, looking at all your stories gives up hope and optimism, but i know we have a long way to go but at least we know from reading your messages that we do have a chance

Posted by Anonymous on 8 November 2007 @ 12am

I had a micro-preemie nearly 3 weeks ago. She was born 15 weeks early (25 weeks gestation) weighed 1 lb. 3oz. She’s in the NICU but thriving more and more everyday. I will pray for your child and family just as deeply as I pray for my own. Hang in there!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 January 2008 @ 8pm

Hey! I had my precious daughter at 23 weeks 2 days gestation, weighing a mere 1lb 4.5oz (580g). After 3 long months in NICU, and 1 month in SCBU, she was released a week before her actual due date! After requiring oxygen her whole life, she's been off 2 and a half weeks. She is a healthy 7 and a half month old, 3 and a half months corrected!
It is truely amazing what hospitals can do now! Before I had my daughter, I never would have thought a baby being born so early would survive. But they are true miracles. It is a very very long journey, but it's all worth it in the end. Best wishes to you! All the best x

Posted by Shockzworth. on 22 August 2009 @ 12pm

[...] were, of course, completely unaware that within twenty four hours odin would be born almost 4 months early and that we’d spent the next 96 days in intensive care with [...]

Posted by - day 2191: the last day of five. on 3 July 2010 @ 9pm

[...] but i’m guessing that only exactly one sauna was visited by santa when a boy named odin – who embodies the very essence of sisu – was 2000 days old. [...]

Posted by - on the opposite of cold and santa, sauna and sisu. on 23 October 2010 @ 2am

[...] it is a reminder that odin is getting to be about the age that we could/(should?) expect to see subtle behavioral/learning since he was, of course, born way before 34 weeks. [...]

Posted by - Late-preterm babies at greater risk for problems later in childhood on 26 November 2010 @ 5pm

[...] odin was quite proud to come home from school with his latest “handwork” project from school. a knitted wallet! red, white and blue, of course since he was born on the fourth of july [...]

Posted by - odin’s latest completed project – a knitted wallet. on 12 February 2012 @ 10pm

[...] odin was born on the fourth of july kris’ family would get together for the 4th weekend in the upper peninsula of michigan with [...]

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[...] remember soon after odin ( née eric snowdeal iv ) was born almost 16 weeks early his doctors told us gravely that if he lived the first week the single greatest threat to survival [...]

Posted by - FRONTLINE asks: Has the age of antibiotics come to an end? on 25 October 2013 @ 10pm

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