208/365. odin’s new favorite yogurt is heading to stores near you.

208/365. odin’s new favorite yogurt is heading to stores near you.

i was proud to be part of the launch of organic valley’s 100% grass-fed, non-homogenized grassmilk in 2012 and have been even prouder to watch it grow in popularity ( if told me 10 years ago that i’d get interviewed by the wall street journal over milk, i’d have thought you were crazy. ).

ever since we launched the milk people have asked us to make yogurt. we heard you! whole milk, cream on top. two flavors – plain and vanilla. made with nothing but milk and cultures ( and a bit of fair trade vanilla and sugar in the vanilla ). it’s really, really, really good. but don’t just take my word for it. i brought a few tubs from the first production run and odin and his cousin evelyn broke into them when i was at work the next day. when i came home they excitedly exclaimed how awesome the yogurt was and that it was their faaaaavorite yogurt EVAR ( not joking. it was a completely unsolicited product review. ). also, they demanded i bring home more tubs because they nearly finished the one i brought home 🙂

i couldn’t be prouder of the product team who knocked it out of the park in developing a stellar product and the farmers and the cows for providing delicious, 100% grass-fed milk.

you should start seeing at whole foods and natural foods stores and select grocery stores soon. if not, ask for it! we’re waiting for it to through distribution and on shelves to make a big announcement but i see people tweeting about it so i thought it was fair game to give a sneak peak 🙂

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