finding a new home for the old me.

finding a new home for the old me. I.

for over a year this photo of me has been hanging in the organic valley headquarters near the coffee station where i used to get coffee every day before the fire. the photo was taken right before i started running again, before i ran clear across the country and before i lost 110 pounds. so, it’s a good reminder to not let that happen again.

a little birdy told me that the picture was coming down to make way for a new one, so i thought i’d proactively “steal” the picture and put it somewhere where it might be appreciated.

but where?

finding a new home for the old me. II.

i knew i wanted to put it up in our post fire work digs in westby but i couldn’t put it up in my office because, well, that’d be weird, right?

aha – i found the perfect spot in our executive marketing director’s office! i just know lewis would really enjoy having me looking down on him at his desk.

and if he ever wonders what do to, he can now just look up and ponder, “hmmm, what would eric do?”

One thought on “finding a new home for the old me.”

  1. very nice, congrats! way to say good bye to the old you. don’t lose sight of the former self, always good to keep him in the rearview mirror to remind ourselves of where we’ve been,

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