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day 2794: a hockey game against black river falls.

whoooweee. odin’s team played a game against black river falls. and the black river falls travelling team is their “A” team ( i.e. their best players ). so, we anticipated a “blow out”, especially since it was odin’s teams’ first time playing on “full ice”. they normally play games on half the ice. playing on […]

odin’s creations – crocheted coasters.

odin has moved on from making knitted wallets to crocheted coasters. he thought i could use one to put under my coffee cup so i didn’t stain anything. ever thoughtful, he is.

a little ditty

not sure why i don’t share more of my futzing with the git box. here’s a quick little ( rough ) ditty. ( also, testing soundcloud ). literally improv’d on the spot, so don’t take it too seriously. but maybe interest on a continuing “sunday songs” series?

on parallel-flickr

knowing that parallel-flickr exists makes me a lot less twitchy when thinking about the future of the 8 years of photos i have linked to on the website. not that i have any sense that flickr is going disappear, but i am so very happy to read this in a presentation by its creator, aaron […]

the cognitive basis for irrationality.

perusing this exhaustive list of cognitive biases and it really is amazing that humans every have anything approaching a rational thought. for whatever reason, reading about research on confirmation bias has always been a favorite pastime. throw in cognitive dissonance, and motivated reasoning and you’ve got yourself a whole mess of irrationality.

the conet project, a valid community radio show?

confession time. for years i’ve harbored a secret desire to start a community radio show that consists solely of conet project recordings of numbers stations. any locals think wdrt would let me get away with that sort of thing? not familiar with the project? here’s an internet archive of the recordings and a long washington […]

france calls for EU ban of gmo crops while US signals speedup on approvals

france calls for EU-wide ban of monsanto gmo maize, citing “latest scientific studies” which showed that the use of GM crops “pose significant risks for the environment””. meanwhile in the US, the USDA says companies developing gmo products “…will get speedier regulatory reviews of their genetically modified crops.” *headdesk*

the central attribute of human conscious experience

“the central attribute of human conscious experience, so fundamental, in fact, that we take it for granted, don’t pause to think about it, is the sense of unity. You’ve got a diversity of sensory experiences. You see things, you listen to things. This harks back to what I was saying about synesthesia. You taste things. […]

The Dumbest Idea In The World: Maximizing Shareholder Value

odd, isn’t it, that the words of jack welch are considered insightful and not patently obvious: ““On the face of it, shareholder value is the dumbest idea in the world. Shareholder value is a result, not a strategy… your main constituencies are your employees, your customers and your products. Managers and investors should not set […]

Researchers discover cell phone hackers can track your location without your knowledge

with no help from the service provider, using open source software and a cheap cell phone, researchers were able to “..track the location of a test subject within a 10-block area as the subject traveled across an area of Minneapolis at a walking pace. “

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