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271/365. maybe the beginning of a semi-occasional series on local murals. and more weird neuronal associations.

271/365. maybe the beginning of a semi-occasional series on local murals. and more weird neuronal associations.

this one is on the side of our local community radio station, wdrt. some people come him the space cowboy. well, i don’t know if anybody else does but my brain does which then, for better or worse, cues “the joker” by steve miller band and the opening lyric ( more weird neuronal associations. maybe because it’s on the side of a radio station which makes me thing of song lyrics? ):

“Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me Maurice
Cause I speak of the pompatus of love”

and today i learned steve miller made up the word pompatus after mishearing a vernon green lyric.

day 2279: the day odin almost met garrison keillor.

garrison keillor host of a prairie home companion – a radio show that is on almost every weekend in our house – came to town to support our new local, community radio station, wdrt by giving an giving an interview at an ice cream social at a local lutheran church.

we’re big fans of garrison and thought it’d be fun to go and hear him speak, enjoy some pie and maybe – just maybe – get a picture of him and odin together.

the interviewer attempted to ask seemingly straighforward questions about garrison’s thoughts on the importance of community radio ( he’s apparently a big supporter of community radio efforts ) and he managed to weave in laugh-out-loud stories that occasionally involved fart jokes which made the whole thing bearable for a 6 year old who knew a helping of pie and ice cream was to follow.

alas, it turned out that we didn’t get the chance to meet garrison as the place was packed and he had to leave quickly to go off to another event in town; but while we didn’t get a picture of him and odin together, i’m pretty sure this is first picture of garrison ever taken by a 6 year old boy named odin 🙂

somwhere along the way odin seems to have developed quite an ability to handle a telephoto lens in low-light conditions.

nope, it’s not every day that you find yourself standing in a church with garrison keillor leading a rousing rendition of “how great thou art”.

it’s fun to imagine him incorporating the experience in an upcoming segment of news from lake wobegon.

would it be wrong to run up and tackle a cherished radio personality to say “hi!” and see if he’d pose for a shot with odin?

yes, i suppose it would.

hey, it’s the the pie city ramblers, playing some fine tunes as folks made their to the pie and ice cream.

aaaaaaaaand, finally, the moment odin was really waiting for ( with all due respect to garrison ) – enjoying a nice slice of pie! we didn’t find any Bebop-A-Reebop Rhubarb Pie ( an imaginary sponsor of garrison’s radio show ), but we inhaled excellent slices of pumpkin pie.

thanks garrison and wdrt for putting together a fun and memorable afternoon.