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304/365. they don’t make cars or guitars like they used to.

304/365. they don't make cars or guitars like they used to.

after a long hiatus, caused by needing a bridge repair, i played the ol’ 1975 martin d-35 and she sounds better than ever. 40 years old! i can’t believe i’ve taken car of her for over half her life. i’m sort-of joking about them not making guitars like they used to. i’d happily take seth avett’s custom d-35 🙂

it’ll take me awhile to get my fingers back in playing condition but i think i’m going to try to do some recording over the winter.

btw, something i learned that’s obviously in hindsight, is that if it looks like the bridge is coming unglued, immediately remove the strings or you’ll quickly go from a $100 repair to glue the bridge to a $300 repair to fix the broken bridge brace and then glue the bridge. d’oh!

the treehouse sessions.

the treehouse sessions.

with treehouse deck now mostly secure i realized that inviting local musicians to record “the treehouse sessions” is a thing i can do now!

think twilight, late evening with lights twinkling and a mood similar to this stray birds video.

The Stray Birds – Loretta from Beehive Productions on Vimeo.

i played for a bit up the trees and it’s excellent. i think this is a thing that has to happen and already have a few locals roped in!.