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knowing that parallel-flickr exists makes me a lot less twitchy when thinking about the future of the 8 years of photos i have linked to on the website. not that i have any sense that flickr is going disappear, but i am so very happy to read this in a presentation by its creator, aaron straup: “parallel-flickr is not a perfect solution to this problem [ of broken URLs ] but if someone can say to their friends “Well, just replace ‘flickr.com’ with ‘mywebsite.com’ in all those URLs” then that’s a start.” ( psssst, openphoto. if parallel-flickr can do it why can’t you? )

One thought on “on parallel-flickr”

  1. We (OpenPhoto) hadn’t thought of retaining a user’s Flickr URL under a separate domain. Our primary concern had been exporting the photos and all of the meta data.

    I think that’s a really good idea and definitely has value. I don’t know where it will land in terms or priority though. Our thoughts on this topic are actually much larger than mirroring URLs from Flickr, http://blog.theopenphotoproject.org/post/10537443380/namespacing-the-web-for-your-photos

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