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day 2516: a shell for Miss Shannon.

day 2516: a shell for Miss Shannon.

it’s hard to believe that odin is approaching the end of The Kindergarten Years at school. he’s already super excited to start first grade but he’s also a little sad to be saying goodbye to his kindergarten teacher so he decided to give her a special little gift – a shell from the shores of maine that we collected on our vacation while possibly in search of jasper.

he quietly gave it to her after we walked to school and they exchanged a glance that made me quite sure she really appreciated the thoughtfulness of his sweet gesture.

day 2499: watchin’ The Big Kids perform The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

day 2499: watchin' The Big Kids perform The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

i started the day enjoying a two hour overview of odin’s upcoming first grade walfdorf class pleasant ridge which really, really made we want to go back and re-do first grade myself and we all ended the day watching the eighth grade class perform an adaptation of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” ( every year each grade – the entire grade – puts on a play ).

they did a really great job and imbued the play with tons of heart and humor and we enjoyed it all that much more because we recently read “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. odin thought it was neat to see a bunch of kids he knows sing and act while telling a story.

bookending the day with the two events made me think odin is going to be able to look forward to some fantastically awesome grade school years.