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the eric update – day 52: still more postcards and gifts! and progress, micropreemie style.

day 52: hand on head with feeding tube. I.

today was another quiet day of making slow, steady progress. he’s increased his breastmilk feedings to 8 cc’s every two hours and appears to be continuing to tolerate them well. they will usually pull out up to 3 cc’s of undigested food before each feeding, but that amount doesn’t seem to be increasing as they up his total feedings, which is a good sign that his digestive system isn’t slowling down.

if he continues to tolerate the “bolus” feedings ( where they give him the breastmilk all at once, instead of a “continuous feed” where the milk is pumped in at a constant rate ), then they’ll keep adding a cc to the amount that they’re giving him every two hours. so tommorrow, i’d expect him to be on 9 cc’s every two hours. and given his wieght, he’d need to be getting about 20 cc’s every two hours to be on full feeds again ( meaning no additional parenteral nutrition from the IV ), which means he could have an intravenous line in for a ten days to perhaps two weeks. he’s having a little bit of trouble keeping a good IV and i think they might be running out of nice big veins; i suspect that sooner rather than later they might be forced to put the line in less attractive locations like his scalp.

day 52: hand on head with feeding tube. II.

we got some more postcards! and we’ve received lots and lots of gifts lately, from friends family and strangers, and i just haven’t had time to properly acknowledge them. i’m going to put pictures of everything up as soon as i get the free time, but in the mean time, please know that we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve received and are continually amazed at the new suprises that the mail seems to bring each day.

the eric update – day 29: more postcards! and blue moon birthdays?

day 29: more postcards!

i like the fact that the most exciting thing to report today was that we got a bunch more postcards in the mail! woohooo! and my family should be ashamed for allowing complete strangers from all over the world to get eric’s postcard in the mail before they did ( actually my sister candy did get her postcard in the mail fast, but not faster than somebody in santa clarita, california ). thanks again ( and i’m just kidding about the family comments. maybe. 🙂 ) – perhaps the next two and a half months can simply be daily shots of his new postcards. perhaps i can find a way to help you all visualize where they are coming from, with a webified map of the world and a link to a scan of the postcard. see, isn’t that much more interesting than knowing that eric is doing so great that they’re going to experiment with putting him on the nasal cannula all day today? i don’t suspect that he’ll be off the cpap forever, but he does enjoy proving everyone wrong, so who knows.

it occured to me today that some of you might consider august 4th to be his one month “birthday”, at which point i thought it was funny that kris and i both consider yesterday to be his one month birthday, since it was 4 weeks after all and with micropreems gestational milestones are often measured in weeks ( 32 weeks for a suckling reflex, etc ), so it’s just easier to keep a record of weeks, rather than gregorian months; and that’s why we’re going to make it difficult on everyone and keep following a lunar calendar month instead of a “regular” calendar month.

curously, as we were talking about moons, lunar calendars and marking off gestational ages ( of course, you all know that the menstrual cycle is a 28 day cycle too), both of us remembered that it was a full moon yesterday. or something quite close to a full moon. which means it was a full moon on the fourth of july! and, of course, it’ll be a full moon in 28 more days on his second month birthday. neat. i wonder if there’s a link between preeclampsia and full moons joking. mostly. sort-of.. you’d think that he’d also have a full moon on his first “real” birthday, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, if the lunar calendar i linked to is to be trusted.

conspiracy theorists might think we planned this all out ahead of time, given that the full moon features so prominantly in the norse creation myths ( i’d guess that the full moon probably is a common thing to talk about in all creation myths ) and that we decided to call him odin. but remember, i’m an adherent to littleton’s law and the power of a good story. most of the time.

in any case, eric’s monthly “birthdays” will henceforth be officially observed every 28 days until further notice ( at least until we stop paying such close attention to weeks and “age adjusted” milestones ), so double check and make sure we’re celebrating on the same day!

update: some good news and some not-so-good-news-that-isn’t-horrible. first, eric is packing on the weight. he gained more than two ounces today and weighed in at 1 pound 15.3 ounces! amazing! he will most assuredly hit the two pound milestone in the next day or so. w00t!

also, he did have to go back on cpap this evening and the nurses noticed that one of his lungs sounded like it was not expanding and contracting as it should be; they weren’t overly concerned about it, but they are going to give him a chest x-ray tommorrow to make sure there isn’t anything bad happening. there are innumerable, innocent reasons for why his lung might not be acting as it should, and a couple of bad reasons that they want to rule out. so we’ll be hoping for the best over the next 24 hours.

there’s also a small chance that he might be developing a hernia. or maybe his testicle is descending ( i’m not kidding, they really can’t tell it’s a hernia or a descending testicle). a hernia would be not-so-good since he would need surgery which would necessitate him getting transferred to a different facility in town. and we really like his current nicu, so hopefully it’s not a hernia.

aaaaaaaand. on our nightly dog walk, we were telling the “full moon” story to a neighbor and they commented that they thought that the recent full moon was a “blue moon”! however, upon futher investigation, it looks like eric’s “lunar birthday” is just shy of the full moon, blue moon or otherwise. so conspiracy theorists can rest easy.

the eric update – day 25: a tantrum and a little perspective.

day 25: the tantrum I.

with eric IV looking quite content much of the time ( except, of course, when his care routine requires that not-so-fun things are done to him ), i found myself wondering when he was having those tantrums that preemies are famous for. sure, he can get worked up sometimes, clenching his fists and thrusting his feet and making little squeaks. but i we’ve never seen a full-blown, let-out-all-the-stops tantrum. not that you want to see a tantrum, but still. and so, with perfect timing, soon after i arrived this evening, eric decided that something was not right ( of course, it couldn’t have been my voice. no, certainly it wasn’t that ) and started trying to launch himself right out of the bed. and the screaming. if there was any doubt, him pipes are developing well. this went on for about a minute and no amount of consolation from me or kris was helping one iota.

day 25: the tantrum II.

that’s when nurse jan decided it was time to bring in the passifier, because if he has a tantrum for too long then he’ll stop breathing and that’s no good.

day 25:  big hand.  little hand.

the only problem is that he doesn’t really know how to suck on the passifier and breath at the same time, so it’s a delicate balance. eventually, he figures it out and i rest my hand on him, which helps a little too, i guess.

day 25:  postcards

the postcards have started coming in! i’m not sure the nurses believed me when i told them that he was going to start getting cards from all over the world. we’ve just received a few so far, but is suspect they’ll be trickling in for awhile. we were very touched by the kind story from a nice person we don’t know who hails from santa clarita, california. it’s going to be hard to maintain my cynical side if people keep up with such random acts of kindness.

day 25: more 'roo

kris is continuing with her record setting ‘roo sessions. she might do two sessions a day at about 2 or 3 hours apiece ( i bet she’d go longer, but that’s the longest she can go before she has to “pump” ). as i said yesterday, there are many factors involved in how well eric is doing, but i really think all the kangaroo care is big factor. we’re fantastically fortunate that kris can spend so much time in the nicu. she teaches at the local college and has the summer off, so she can spend as much time as she likes with eric. and of course, she likes to spend a lot of time with him ( not that i don’t, silly. you know what i mean. ).

day 25: bearer of the ring

ahhhhhh. it’s the ol’, “put your wedding ring on his diaper to give a sense of perspective” trick. with all the close-ups, it’s easy to forget just how small he still remains ( although he has grown 3.5 inches centimeters ( arrgggh. there’s a big difference between inches in centimeters. i think 3.5 cm is a little over an inch. ) since birth. yeah!).