the eric update – day 52: still more postcards and gifts! and progress, micropreemie style.

day 52: hand on head with feeding tube. I.

today was another quiet day of making slow, steady progress. he’s increased his breastmilk feedings to 8 cc’s every two hours and appears to be continuing to tolerate them well. they will usually pull out up to 3 cc’s of undigested food before each feeding, but that amount doesn’t seem to be increasing as they up his total feedings, which is a good sign that his digestive system isn’t slowling down.

if he continues to tolerate the “bolus” feedings ( where they give him the breastmilk all at once, instead of a “continuous feed” where the milk is pumped in at a constant rate ), then they’ll keep adding a cc to the amount that they’re giving him every two hours. so tommorrow, i’d expect him to be on 9 cc’s every two hours. and given his wieght, he’d need to be getting about 20 cc’s every two hours to be on full feeds again ( meaning no additional parenteral nutrition from the IV ), which means he could have an intravenous line in for a ten days to perhaps two weeks. he’s having a little bit of trouble keeping a good IV and i think they might be running out of nice big veins; i suspect that sooner rather than later they might be forced to put the line in less attractive locations like his scalp.

day 52: hand on head with feeding tube. II.

we got some more postcards! and we’ve received lots and lots of gifts lately, from friends family and strangers, and i just haven’t had time to properly acknowledge them. i’m going to put pictures of everything up as soon as i get the free time, but in the mean time, please know that we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve received and are continually amazed at the new suprises that the mail seems to bring each day.

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