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325/365. odin scores distinguished honors after his first term of public school!

325/365. odin scores distinguished honors after his first term of public school!

we knew things were going well, but it’s pretty amazing considering he’s still getting used to the concept of grades and tests. he’s very much enjoying the challenge and i’ll say once again that the great foundation he got from his years at the waldorf school is showing ( not just the intellectual foundation but the mental as well ).

193/365. another debit card account stolen ( and yours might be too ).

193/365. another debit card account stolen ( and yours might be too ).

discovered by debit card wasn’t working and a local cashier said i should check with bank because lots of locals had their accounts turned off at multiple banks due to fraudulent activity. sure enough, card was turned off and $300 charge was made at a gas station in north carolina. this is the fourth card i’ve had turned off in a year ( two debit and two credit )!

the process of getting back $300 was painless enough but when i went in to bank to sign the form i saw a huuuuuge stack of similar forms leading me to believe this was quite widespread.

then, front page above the fold article on how this is happening locally and nationwide as thieves use info before new chipped cards go into widespread use.

no word on how they were able to so many accounts. i assume a local gas station had one of those skimmers?

odin and the rest of the ski club gang make the local paper!

i came back from a recent trip to find this nice article on odin’s cross county ski club clipped from our local newspaper and posted on our fridge. if you happen to have a child in the picture and didn’t see it the first time around, i think this is probably from the march 15th edition.

i wonder how that photographer ever managed to wrangle such a nice shot out such an unruly group of kids 🙂

odin’s new year wish makes the newspaper!

i have no idea how it happened but somehow odin was asked for a “kid on the street” quote for the newspaper on his wish for the people of viroqua in the coming year.

of course, the first part warms my heart; it sure is nice to know he’s got the “talking points” down 🙂

i asked him about wishing that everyone could have wooden doors with big windows.

“well, i really like our door. it’s a really nice door and i think everyone would be really happy if they could have a door just like it.”

update: kris just told me that the person who wrote the article called odin because she knew he would come up with something wise and witty!




the above the fold story in the la crosse tribune says it like it is.

while i did know they are the reason we have so few bugs in our yard, i didn’t know each bat can eat up to 2,400 insects a night! and while we had been told that the bats do not stay over winter, that’s apparently only true for little brown bats, but i’m fairly certain that at least some of the bats in our chimney are big brown bats and they can live in the same place for 30 years! as we’ve learned, you tend to find more bats in your house in august , when the youngest bats are taking their first flights and mistakenly end up in the house.

and apparently we’re not alone, one bat expert estimated that at least 10 percent of home in la crosse have bats and he was fielding 50-75 calls a day from homeowners wanting them removed!

we haven’t had a bat in the house for five days! whoohoo! so i think we’re getting a lot better at finding the places they can get in. or maybe they’re just getting better at hiding 🙂