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playing around with flourescent fluid – what could possibly go wrong!

playing around with flourescent fluid - what could possibly go wrong!

there are a lot of fun projects in nick and tesla’s high-voltage danger lab. odin’s working on the “van tracker”. you soak the inner core of a highlighter in some water, then if you’re following the instructions you put the bag on the bumper of a van and poke a pin in it and use a blacklight to see where the van went.

not really thinking it through before i said it, i offered that it might be more fun to put the flourescent fluid in a squirt gun and write secret messages in the snow that you can only see with a blacklight.

highlighter fluid in a squirt gun – what could possibly go wrong!

if you’re lucky odin might give you a handmade Elephanteater.

if you're lucky odin might give you a handmade Elephanteater. I.

odin made what was supposed to be an elephant as school project. it didn’t exactly turn out like a traditional elephant and looked more like a cross between an elephant and an anteater which is even more fun than regular ol’ elephant anyways.

if you're lucky odin might give you a handmade Elephanteater. II.

i don’t think i could make a handmade anything animal. in fact, i know i couldn’t and i thought it was pretty cute. i was secrectly hoping he’d give it to me for christmas, BUT NO, he decided he wanted to give it to his cousin. sigh.

if you're lucky odin might give you a handmade Elephanteater. III.

no Elephanteater is complete without a cute tail. i like his attention to detail. and again, i’m seriously impressed because i have absolutely no idea how he made it.

i think i found my next project – building a blacksmith forge.

i was reminded today when i watched a blacksmith forging steel that i’ve always wanted to learn to make some simple things by working metal. but i always thought the cost and complexity of building a forge was a deal breaker. turns out, it’s not that hard to build a forge. the basic brake drum forge design in this video really suits my style.

you should watch the video all the way to the end. i would love to hang out with this guy and learn how turn metal.

i ran the idea by odin and he’s excited to make a forge in the coming weeks and learn some basic metal bending.

a labored day.

a labored day. I.

it’s labor day here in the U.S. so what better time than to use the extra couple of yards of dirt, and a couple of hundred bricks and pavers we have laying to put in steps from the treehouse to the sauna. what better way is there to spend 6 hours on labor day than hauling dirt, bricks and pavers?

i’ve been planning on putting steps down the hill ever since we built the sauna 5 years ago but there’s always something more fun to do that put in steps and we didn’t ever have enough dirt or bricks or pavers to put in the steps. but slowly over time we’ve accumulated everything we needed from other projects ( or planned projects that never happened because they weren’t good ideas. like the time i thought i was going to build a huge charcoal/gas grill with wood fired brick oven combo monstrosity in the backyard. i bought hundreds of bricks and then decided i didn’t actually want a large brick oven in the back yard 🙂

a labored day. II.

the steps are mortarless. i put down enough dirt to create a level run then layed down a layer of bricks then two layers of pavers. i have no idea if it’ll stay level. it’s running between two trees that have thick layers of roots close to the surface and the ground doesn’t seem to shift very much. who knows maybe i’ll be constantly futzing with leveling and releveling but i’ll remain optimistic until proven otherwise.

i totally “winged it” on the rise over run and just started building a pattern that looked like it was going work out right. it did!

a labored day. III.

the view from the treehouse deck down the steps to the sauna. while sitting in front of the sauna is fun between rounds of throwing steam, i think sitting up in the trees will be nice.

maybe someday i’ll put a fireman’s pole off the deck so we can slide down to get the sauna just that much faster.