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day 3146: odin’s handmade pop-up valentine’s day cards.

day 3146: odin's handmade pop-up valentine's day cards. I.

odin has been experimenting with making pop-up paperworks. he’s totally fascinated with how to make three-dimensional creations so we got a few books and read some tutorials online and he decided to put his skills to work and came up with a simple but beautiful design for valentine’s day cards for his classmates.

he wanted a card that would pop-up a heart when opened and came up with the two layer design all by himself. and he certainly didn’t inherit my formidable power of procrastination because he came up with a plan to complete all the cards well ahead of valentine’s day!

day 3146: odin's handmade pop-up valentine's day cards. II.

here’s a closer-up look of the design of the heart. that’s some pretty precise x-acto knife work!

day 2690: knittin’ kitties.

day 2690: knittin' kitties. I.

while odin still enjoys advanced finger knitting and making bracelets, he’s now fullblown knitting with knitting needles.

and making fun stuff like this cute little kitten! i bet more than a few friends and family will be getting one as a gift.

day 2690: knittin' kitties. II.

a close up to show the soft form and detail of odin’s knitted kitty. now if i could just get him to crank these out by the hundreds 🙂

is there an age limit in the etsy terms of service? just kidding. sort. of.

day 2625: wherein odin attempts to teach me advanced finger knitting.

day 2625: wherein odin attempts to teach me advanced finger knitting.

having learned the skill in his waldorf kindergarten, odin has been finger knitting for some time, making nice little bracelets for mother’s day and whatnot. those were single-strand crafts, but now that he’s in first grade, he has apparently graduated to advanced finger knitting which involves wrapping yarn through around all the fingers to make multiple rows simultaneously.

he was kind enough to try and teach me, but we has some troubles with left handed/right handed conversion and my general inability to keep track of The Correct Order of Steps.

a bit exasperated, he eventually gave up and said that it would probably be easier to teach mama how do it first and then maybe she could teach me ( although he was clearly skeptical that even she would be able to get it through my thick skull ).

sigh. the facade of infallibility cracked by finger knitting.