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on the disparity between regular gas and diesel gas prices

as most are aware regular gas prices are plunging which is putting the pinch on oil exporters and handing a $75 billion tax cut to the U.S. but as a long-time TDI driver i watch the diesel price which is spiking. currently, in wisconsin, there’s a $1.20 per gallon difference between regular and diesel – hence “Black-Market Diesel: Thieves Sell Fuel By The Truckload”. pop quiz, when was the last time diesel was cheaper than regular gas? 2002 which was the first year we bought a diesel.

2 surprising answers to the question, “when was gas under $1 per gallon in the US”.

a bit ago i asked on twitter and and facebook, “Without googling it, when was gas under $1/gallon in the US?” and received a lot of answers, many of them wrong ( in retrospect i should have asked when was the last time prices were under a $1/per gallon because there was a the whole oil crisis which raised prices in the late 70s ). the answer? in nonimal terms – 1999, which is surprising. i guessed the late-80’s. that’s the answer to the spirit of the question, when was the last time you could stare at a gas pump and see a price under $1/gallon. an economist would ask, “yes but when was the real price ( i.e. adjusted for inflation ) under $1/gallon”. that answer is equally surprising. in 2012 dollars, a gallon of gas has never been under $1/gallon and the 2011 average price of gas was just over the real price paid in 1919.