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from the everything-you-know-is-wrong dept: health benefits of moderate coffee, salt and full fat dairy consumption.

on the heels of research showing no evidence of benefit and some evidence of potential harm to sharply reducing salt intake, the new york times rounds up the latest research indicating numerous health benefits associated with moderate coffee consumption including reduction in the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, basal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer, oral cancer and breast cancer recurrence and dementia. whatever will they discover next that everybody “knows” is wrong? maybe that full-fat dairy consumption lowers risk of cardiovascular death? oh wait, they did already.

it’s the most wonderful time of the year! or the earlier return of eggnog season.

it's the most wonderful time of the year! or the earlier return of eggnog season.

’tis true! it’s the return of organic valley eggnog!

you all like it so much that we decided to get it on the shelf a few weeks earlier this year, so be sure to look for it!

’cause it’s never too early to enjoy it all by itself or in eggnog cupcakes or eggnog pots de creme!

or even organic valley orange juice! here’s odin demonstrating how to mix eggnog and oj two years ago.

wherein odin extols the virtues of organic valley eggnog and orange juice. from Eric C. Snowdeal III on Vimeo.

The Amazing Adventures of The Raw Milk Maid

kris and i and a few friends and family have stopped drinking soy milk and entered into the wild and wacky world of raw milk. raw milk is straight from the cow. it’s not pasteurized. it’s not homogenized. it’s not anything-ized. it goes out of the cow and into your fridge. and if you’re lucky to have a wonderful amish farmers in your area, you can get fresh, raw milk from range-fed cows that don’t get any funny chemicals in their feed.

why do this? we’re not granola-crunching freaks, but after doing some thinking and research, we decided that it’d be fun and healthy thing to do. no, i don’t think you’re going to die a horrible, painful death by drinking milk that you get from your local supermarket, but all things being equal, we decided that raw milk was at least as healthy as the regular stuff, and quiet possibly moreso.


technically speaking, most states consider what we’re doing “illegal”. or at least consider it illegal to purchase raw milk. mostly this is due to claims that it’s unsafe. we looked at the evidence and decided that it wasn’t, if we worked with a reputable farmer. but that doesn’t make it any less illegal to purchase. how did we get around this? we don’t buy the milk. we purchased “shares” in our cow, musical, and pay her room and board, which is roughly $6 a week. basically we own part of a cow and are paying her keep and are simply picking up the milk that’s rightfully ours. so how much does it cost to buy part of a cow? we bought two shares at $150 a piece and split the two shares between a group of 6 friends and family [ 3 couples ], so it’s about $100 a family to start and $6 a week. and for that you get 2 gallons of milk, which is a good deal. it gets even better when you realize that you get enough cream from the two gallons of milk to make enough butter, cream cheese, ice cream to feed a normal family. all things considered, it’s a fantastic deal. since 3 couples are involved, we get milk in rotations. you can amuse yourself by pretending that it’s 1950 all over again, and you’re the milk-person delivering the goods.

so what’s involved? it’s easy! follow along in a day in the life of the Raw Milk Maid.

admire the gleaming, clean stainless steel vat.


take a peek!


open the valve slowly. you’ll be surprised how fast it comes out and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll be standing in a pool of milk. not that i’ve done that.

watch it gush!


get enough for friends and family.


don’t forget to clean the nozzle. being sanitary is A Good Thing.


you did remember to neatly hang the hose back on the hook, didn’t you? of course you did.


it’s o.k. you can go into the barn and say “hi!” to the skittish newborn foal and ponder why she has the power to turn invisible.


and don’t forget to go visit the cow that made it all possible. she works hard, so you’ll forgive her for laying down on the job. pasture fed animals have it rough.


when you leave, you’ll wonder if it’s against their religion to photograph an amish buggy. you decide it’s not and hope you’re right.


by the time you get home, you’ll discover that cream really does rise to the top. you can make butter from the cream. more on that in the next installment of The Raw Milk Maid.