day 3158: odin wins the open skate race. again.

day 3158: odin wins the open skate race. again.

when we’re not sitting watching odin in hockey practice a couple nights a week and not watching him play in hockey games a couple nights a week, we’re at “open skate” with him at the hockey arena for a couple of hours each night on saturday and sundays so he can “relax” on the ice and goof around with other kids when the arena is open to the general public.

each night they have races for “all comers” divided into age groups and odin has progressed this year from being marginally competitive to being The Kid To Beat in the 7-8 year old races. now he handily wins every race against a group of maybe a half dozen kids.

not sure if he’s actually faster, or maybe just more motivated to get the free bratwurst that’s awarded to the winner 🙂

normally they do two laps around the rink but i was caught off guard when i framing this shot at the end of the first and final lap in this race. i was testing the light and didn’t get the other kids in the frame behind odin who didn’t stand a chance even as he slowed down and paused to give me a “poppi! what are you doing on the ice embarrassing me!” look.

aaaaand he’s blurry because i didn’t have the shutter speed right. gah. might have to try for a re-do next week when he wins. again.

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