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the flying lady makes a stop on the city.

the flying lady makes a stop on the city.

an antique cadillac makes a stop in the city. specifically, near the kosher pizza place on 35th street. in fact, i think it might have been the kosher pizza place delivery vehicle? the flying lady was on 1930s-1940s era cadillacs but i have no idea what model or year this was. looked very stylish 🙂

the flying lady looks suspiciously similar to the spirit of ecstasy on rolls-royce, there must be a story behind the similarity.

life imitates art in the empire state.

life imitates art in the empire state. I.

so i’m staying in manhattan and my hotel room has this picture of the empire state building in the bathroom which means i’m forced to look at it on occasion and ponder, “hmmmmm, that’s not a bad shot of the iconic building. i wonder where they took it.” i thought if i had time to meander through the city i might try to re-create the shot just for kicks. i’d award bonus points to myself for getting the cab in the photo which is a nice “new york” touch.

i took this photo to remind me of the orientation and headed out at 7am to find the second avenue deli on 33rd on the advice of a local in response to a request for a good deli before walking to the world innovation forum which was all the way up on 55th.

life imitates art in the empire state. II.

i’m walking across 33rd street from the deli with sandwich ( 1/2 corned beef and pastrami on rye ) in hand ( i’ll enjoy it later ) and i see the the empire state building but i can’t quite figure out where exactly they took the photo and i don’t have a whole lot of time to do recon before the conference starts. i have a lot of ground to cover since i have to make to 55th by 9am and i’ve set a goal of not taking a cab because i want to see the city on foot. i get to 7th street and start north and happen to glance down 34th street and, well, whadya know! that’s it! right there! the shot! i waited a few moments for cab to show up so i could award myself bonus points, but no such luck.

hi. ho. i took the shot and headed up 7th ave through times square.

a calamity on the way to the chrysler building.

a calamity on the way to the chrysler building. I.

on a recent business trip to manhattan, i decided i was going to try and walk the streets to see the sites rather than just take a cab to and from the conference. and the hotel. i knew the iconic chrysler building was nearby so i figured i’d stroll by and take a picture. what i didn’t anticipate was finding myself helping a seizure victim on the corner of east 42nd and madison with the chrysler building glistening in the background. she had just gone down when i approached the corner and there were a few people that had already stopped to provide aid.

i asked if anyone needed help and it seemed like they had it all under control. it took several minutes for the ambulance to arrive which seemed like a long time when there’s an unconscious woman laying in the street.

it was heartening to see how many people stopped to ask if they could help. not sure she ever gained consciousness. i hope she’s o.k.

a calamity on the way to the chrysler building. II.

it’s harder than i anticipated to get an interesting shot of the skyscraper from the ground when all the cool art deco styling is a thousand feet up! i almost like the photojournalism style with the building glistening in the background of the previus shot better than this “classic” perspective that highlights the negative space of the sky between the chrysler building and the surrounding structures.