a calamity on the way to the chrysler building.

a calamity on the way to the chrysler building. I.

on a recent business trip to manhattan, i decided i was going to try and walk the streets to see the sites rather than just take a cab to and from the conference. and the hotel. i knew the iconic chrysler building was nearby so i figured i’d stroll by and take a picture. what i didn’t anticipate was finding myself helping a seizure victim on the corner of east 42nd and madison with the chrysler building glistening in the background. she had just gone down when i approached the corner and there were a few people that had already stopped to provide aid.

i asked if anyone needed help and it seemed like they had it all under control. it took several minutes for the ambulance to arrive which seemed like a long time when there’s an unconscious woman laying in the street.

it was heartening to see how many people stopped to ask if they could help. not sure she ever gained consciousness. i hope she’s o.k.

a calamity on the way to the chrysler building. II.

it’s harder than i anticipated to get an interesting shot of the skyscraper from the ground when all the cool art deco styling is a thousand feet up! i almost like the photojournalism style with the building glistening in the background of the previus shot better than this “classic” perspective that highlights the negative space of the sky between the chrysler building and the surrounding structures.

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