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day 2431: The Last Day of cross country skiing lessons

i’m once again reminded how time flies. it seems like just yesterday that i was lamenting almost being done with another season of cross country skiing lessons. and maybe the day before yesterday was the last day of lessons last year. ah, the bittersweet moment of celebrating the last day of lessons since it means that winter fun is almost done and spring is to be sprung!

it was a pleasure and a privilege to be asked again this year to take a group photo of the crew. see if you can spot odin “hamming it up” for the shot. like father, like son 🙂

odin sports his new toothless grin.

an action shot without poles! this is a lot trickier than it looks with kids of varying proficiency going up and down the ski run. bonus points are awarded for not running into the guy the camera.

the older kids and The Young At Heart played a round of “tag”. odin eyed it with interest but passed this year. i’m sure he’ll get in on the action next year.

after and hour or so outside, it was time to go inside for a wonderful potluck including hot chocolate to warm the bones. odin and a friend are sporting the f excellent commerorative hats given out by the fine folks at mt. borah who help organize and sponsor the lessons.

and as if that wasn’t enough fun, then it was time for a bonfire with s’mores!

i have no doubt, with an ending like this, that odin will happily be back next winter for another season of lessons!

day 2431: the tooth fairy will be visiting odin tonight!

sure enough, less than a week after i wrote that we were in The Final Days of Having All The Baby Teeth, odin excitedly came in our room very early in the morning to excitedly inform us that he HAD LOST HIS TOOTH!

i tried to explain what a “bittersweet” moment was while making the morning coffee but he was far more interested in pondering what tooth fairy might be bringing him.

“probably a tooth brush. maybe a coin.”

me thinks, a pretty good guess.

we both agreed that his baby tooth sure seemed fit for a baby’s mouth and not at all the proper sized tooth for his big mouth. or something like that 🙂

it wouldn’t be A Proper Day in the snowdeal home without some Added Excitement and today was no exception. at some point while getting ready for school, odin misplaced his tooth and after searching high and low many, many, many! times we were so convinced that we were never going to find the tooth that we decided to write a note to the tooth fairy explaining the situation and hoping that she would have special tooth sensing powers, find it and still leave a little something under the pillow.

just literally moments before bedtime, almost as on queue ( but not really ), mama The Master Finder did indeed find the tooth lying on top of a copy of, ironically ( i think ), “I Spy A-to-Z”.

so we safely put the tooth in a special little box to be tucked under his pillow. maybe – just maybe – he’ll sleep a few winks and miss the tooth fairy’s visit.