day 2426: The Final Days of Having All The Baby Teeth.

at out last snowdeal family visit to the dentist, we were informed that while they were almost imperceptively loose then, odin did indeed have some loose baby teeth and we should expect a visit from the tooth fairy Real Soon. apparently they weren’t kidding around because odin recently showed us by excitedly wiggling them with his tongue that he has not one, not two but three loose teeth!

while it’s all very exciting, the thought of him loosing his baby teeth is, of course, a bit bitterweet what with all the impending changes for his mouth and face as he loses his boyish features to make room for his Big Boy Teeth. we’ve been on constant watch and i’ve been quite certain each and every morning that it will be his last with a mouth full of baby teeth. and yet, they keep hanging on.

being the sentimentalist that i am, i thought it best to try and capture a few moments of his mouth full of baby teeth one morning when i was quite certain he’d lose at least one over breakfast.

he was, at first, not so interested in cooperating with providing a toothy smile.

when i said i wanted to see his teeth, this is not what i had in mind.

i guess that more like what i had in mind. sort-of.

now that’s more like it, although you might be able to tell this is his “i’m annoyed now would you quit taking pictures” smile 🙂

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