the definition of perseverance. or insanity?

the definition of perseverance.  or insanity?

not sure if it’s the definition of perseverance, or insanity, to run 10 miles the day after running 11 miles. in 28°F temps. with 20mph wind gusts. in the first snowstorm of the season.

on the upside, i’ve now lost 80 pounds which is 5 more than the the recent fitness milestone and means i’m still on track to hit 90 by the new year! it’ll be a squeaker.

i’ve now lost so much weight that it’s getting harder and harder to maintain losing 3-4 pounds a week. i think i now have to run 10 miles more a week to make up for how many less calories i burn now that i don’t have to lug around all that extra weight!

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