day 2464: holy moly! more tooth lossage!

day 2464: holy moly! more tooth lossage!

wow. i thought after losing his first and second teeth in quick succession, we’d have a brief break before odin lost his third. much to my surprise after odin awoke from his nap, he excitedly came downstairs to reveal that a mere one week after losing his last tooth that he had lost another!

i sure hope the tooth fairy is prepared for another visit!

since she brought one sacagawea gold dollar coin for his first tooth and one two dollar bill for his second tooth, odin is really wondering what she will bring for his third tooth. although it would be super cool, i’m guessing she’s probably not bringing a three cent piece ( i had no idea they existed until i saw this ).

who knows what he’ll find under his pillow in the morning….

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