day 2457: the tooth fairy is making another visit!

almost a month to the day after the tooth fairy made her first visit, odin lost a second tooth!

of course it’s all very exciting because odin really, really wants to know if she brings a gold coin for every lost tooth, or just the first.

we’ll see. who knows, maybe this time she’ll bring a funky two dollar bill.

wow, that permanent tooth is really coming in fast!

as is quickly becoming tradition in our house, odin put his “milk tooth” in a special little box for safe keeping until being tucked under his pillow.

we’re all amazed the tooth fairy has, so far at least, been able to remove the box and place a gift inside without waking odin from his sleepy slumber.

[ outtake. odin doesn’t really go to any great length to hide that he’s reeaaaallllyyyyy bored of his poppi taking pictures of him and his tooth! 🙂 ]

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