the eric update – day 13: a mostly lazy day

day 13: holding hands

today was a very boring day with not a single, solitary alarm; well maybe this is not quite true actually, as the nurses will typically induce apnea during some of their procedures, but nobody counts those. except maybe for eric.

he’s still on the vent, but they are continuing to gradually reduce the settings and suspect that perhaps over the next few days he might be able to go back to the less abusive CPAP regime. this is surprisingly good news, because the staff has been suggesting for the past few days that he could possibly be on the vent for a couple of weeks.

and his infection seems to be getting better. there’s still no definitive results to indicate what sort of infection he might have, but all of his differential blood counts are looking more positive and his blood sugar is normalizing.

during a quiet moment, i catch kris holding eric’s hand/arm. he just had a few procedures done that he didn’t care for and she’s using a technique that the nicu staff taught us to calm him down – i.e. he feels more secure when you firmly hold his arms and legs against his body. it gives him a sense of boundary that he got used to in the womb.

day 13: wrinkled II

so, with a lack of white-knuckle events to pass the time, we found ourselves enjoying just sitting around his bed, reading more from winnie-the-pooh, talking with the always informative and mostly cheery nicu staff and just generally having what passes for a lazy saturday these days.

it’s amazing how much his skin changes from day to day, depending on whether or not he’s received a transfusion or how much fluid he’s retaining.

today he seems particularly wrinkled.

every so often he’d open his eyes and watch me taking pictures, but he didn’t seem to want to keep them open for long.

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