the eric update – day 13: the fourth. part two.

you’ve been clamoring for it, so i released the sequel to ‘the fourth’ a day early!

prerelease screening to select relatives and nicu staff indicates a high ‘tearability’ factor, but not quite as high as the first movie.

the music was ripped from the second track on lullaby: a windham hill collection, which provided the track to the last movie. i’ve been a huge fan of tuck and patti for years and it was one of the reasons that we bought the collection. if you like the track you’d be wise to dig into the rest of their discography.

enjoy. it was a lot more difficult that i thought to edit down all the analog footage that the nicu nurses shot over the first week. did i mention how great they are? i hardly think that videographer is written in the fine print of their job descriptions.

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