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day 3137: house of cards.

day 3137: house of cards. I.

no, i’m not talking about the new netflix “house of cards” “television” series. i mean the old school house of cards build from playing cards. odin has been building them for years and for the most part the design have been somewhat traditional.

but today dreamed up a whole new design for card house. visually it’s quite a stunning design and, truth be told, i have no idea how he built it.

day 3137: house of cards. II.

i’m not sure how functional it would be to actually live in, but that’s besides the point. think of it as card house art with a modernist architectural inspiration 🙂

day 2324: life without video games. or fun with a deck of cards!

if you’re really, really old, you might recall life before video game consoles. a simpler slower, time when on gray, cold mornings you might see a deck of cards and spend hours finding different things to do with it, like building a house of cards.

i can actually recall spending many such mornings in my youth toiling away at building card houses so amusing to see odin has developed a similar interest.

this design by Odin the Engineer might look a look slap-dashed together but it’s remarkably sturdy and, most importantly, resistant to having a small collapse bring down the entire structure.

next, Odin the Engineer went on to experiment with multilevel structures which are quite challenging but no match for odin’s patience and persistence. it really is a great way to test your fine motor skills!

after hours of building card houses, Odin the Engineer invented a way to demonstrate the domino effect with cards by figuring out how to line the cards up so that they would stay standing until he tipped the first one over which would tranfer it’s energy to the next one would would tip over and transfer it’s energy to the next one and so on and so forth.

it’s quite a clever design – i think we’ll have to buy a few more decks of cards to see how long a chain reaction he can make.