day 3319: even closer to (safely) camping in the trees!

day 3319: even closer to (safely) camping in the trees!

it has been a little over a month since we thought we were (close to) camping in the trees and now we’re pretty much at a place where we can do it safely and not worry about anyone falling off the deck 🙂

the decking is all screwed down, the ends of the deck boards are trimmed, the guard rail posts are in place and bolted down with two beefy carriage bolts, the provisional guard rails are up ( i say provisional because eventually i’m going to wrap the posts in black locust and build better looking guard rails ) and a few temporary hand rails are in place ( a process that taught me a lot about how freakishly dense black locust lumber is )!

being able to safely hang out on a 14×16 foot deck up in the trees is a big milestone two years after odin first asked if we could build The World’s Most Awesome Treehouse(s)!

i think we definitely need a table to go with the chairs.

on the ground you can see my other crazy construction project – the sauna ( built in 2009 ) and the chicken coop ( built in 2010 ) which were both great treehouse training projects.

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