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day 2425: The Last of The Eggnog.

after making eggnog pots de creme and eggnog cupcakes ( one of which santa enjoyed ), i couldn’t quite come to peace with the impending end of organic valley eggnog season so i picked up a few quarts from the very last production run with Very Big Plans to whip up some recipe or another which i never got around to whipping up.

so, it’s been “ageing” in our fridge and has now reached the point where It Must Be Consumed. as you might imagine it wasn’t very difficult to convince odin that we simply had to chug a few glasses and dunk a couple of cookies.

um, yeah, he’s not at all excited.

The Dunking of the Cookie is an exacting science, requiring just the right amount of soaking to saturate the cookie without causing it to break off and sink into the glass of eggnog.

oh, noes! the cookie almost crumbles! two hands are required for the rescue.

and, inexplicably, i failed to capture the consuming. rest assured, it was savored.