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The Girls sense that spring has almost sprung.

The Girls sense that spring has almost sprung.

first 67°F and breezy day of the year and The Girls were all clucking loudly LET US OUT TO GET ALL THE BUGS HUUUUMAN! so i did.

we’ve really enjoyed this small flock of hens for the past two years. they are super sweet. i think we’ll probably keep them around for awhile longer even though we have new layers coming in. so they’re not going to be dinner for a local amish family just yet 🙂

35/365. morning chores.

35/365.  morning chores.

living in a rural area, having backyard chickens makes no economic sense since fresh eggs are readily available and, almost literally, a dime a dozen. but the daily routine of saying “Hallo!” while feeding The Girls always makes me a smile which, i think, is priceless.

making odin french toast with eggs collected straight from the coop even more so 🙂