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day 2478: swimming lessons, snow and singing johnny cash.

day 2478: swimming lessons, snow and singing johnny cash.

whether you’re almost seven or thirty seven(ish), there are few things more fun than finishing up swimming lessons to find that it’s still snowing in a freak mid-april storm and that there’s enough snow on the ground to build a snowman when you get home.

and between then and now on the trip home you and a friend ( and your poppi ) have time to sing all the songs in the johnny cash children’s album while it’s cranked up to 11!

day 2417: almost done with another season of cross country skiing lessons.

sigh. it’s hard to believe odin’s second season of cross country skiing is rapidly coming to a close and i haven’t even taken any pictures!

lots of fun times out at the snowflake ski club with friends and i’m sure we’ll be back again next year.

for a walk down memory lane check out his first day last year, one of my shots making the westby times, a few random scenes and his last day of skiing last year.

it looks like odin’s trying to take “center stage” but really he almost fell over 🙂

action shot – he has much better form than his old man!

soren is so good he doesn’t even need any poles.

as the sun sets it’s time for some post-workout stretches!