day 3284: (close to) camping in the trees.

day 3284: (close to) camping in the trees.

we still have some work to finish the deck on The World’s Most Awesome Treehouse(s) and putting up guard rails but that’s not going to stop us from pitching tent to get a feel for camping in the trees, which is what we’ll do while i start putting together the actual treehouse that’s going on the deck. of course, no actual camping will happen until we get guard rails up. it’s a little hard to tell, but there’s about 9 feet between the trees which is plenty of space to put a tent that sleeps three and dog very comfortably.

pitching the tent also gives me a better feel for how much space we’ll need around to treehouse to sit comfortably on the deck and navigate around the 360 degree wrap-around porch. one design decision yet to be made, do i build the treehouse between the two trees or around the two trees?

i’m taking the picture from the flat section of our roof above our mudroom that will someday, maybe, have a zip line running to the treehouse. there’s a door in odin’s room out to the roof so it’s perfect for quick zip lining over to the treehouse.

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