45 degrees F. time to bust out the fashionable winter running gear.

45 degrees F.   time to bust out the fashionable winter running gear.

finally running weather befitting a snowdeal! after running in brutal heat and humidity all. summer. long. i am absolutely, positively ready for running in colder weather and much, much prefer 32F-60F running over 70F-90F. and, hey, what’s not to love about running around in veeeeery fashionable cold weather stretch pants?

i’ve had these hind running pants forever and really like them. they do a fantastic job keeping me warm even in the 10-30F range. but this comment leads me to believe the well-known reputation for quality has disappeared in recent years.

anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced cold weather pants?

tapering down for the chicago marathon which, unbelievably is only two weeks away! a mere 9 mile run in coold weather today after weeks of long run in the heat felt great even with 20mph wind gusts. i can only hope it’s this cool on race day.

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  1. Yes, I found Sugoi to be a consistently good investment over the years. Originally recommended to me by several distance runners who are much more serious about their running than me while training with htem for marathons in the MDRA and ALARC groups in MN. Wearing combinations of the tights, fleece-lined tights and fleece lined pants kept me comfortable on long runs through the entire cool/cold season, up to -15 below wind chill. Surprised how my Sugoi clothes have held up through the years, miles of running, biking, skiing, etc, esp. since my running wardrobe is minimal and gets a lot of wash-and-wear. Sugoi quality hasn’t diminished over the years. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/ offers deep discounts on quality brands. I wouldn’t wear anything new on marathon day though.

    All the best with the marathon, Eric!

  2. thanks for the suggestion darla! sounds great. i have a sugoi running hat that has held up very well over the years.

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