lake huron in thirds.

lake huron in thirds.

the scene out on lake huron from some of the greatest stone skipping shores you’ll find anywhere – along the north coast of mackinac island.

it’s a little hard to tell, but the sky is actually a bank of fog that had receded a bit off the shore.

amusingly, i just realized that nearly three years ago to the day i shot lake superior in thirds.

i suppose i should continue on with the rest of the great lakes to complete the series.

2 thoughts on “lake huron in thirds.”

  1. If you get lucky enough to shoot all five great lakes in thirds, let’s make it a book. I propose you shoot the next one three years from now. We’ll make the book in 2020.

  2. a superb idea mister koppa, although not quite sure i want to wait until 2020. then again, at the rate i finish things, maybe that’s about right.

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