the eric update – day 354: odin’s adventure to the eastern most point in the united states!

i guess maybe odin has been on so many adventures in the past year that visiting the easternmost point in the united states, known as west quoddy head, is no more interesting than his measuring tape!

perhaps we might have to find more exciting extreme points of interest to keep the adventures adventurous!

and yes, the easternmost point in the united states really is known as west quoddy head. east quoddy head is across the water – roughly to the east – on nearby campobello, island, new brunswick.

if you look close you can see the sheer cliffs that form the western edge of grand manan island, new brunswick which is found on the southern boundary of the bay of fundy. it’s slightly unusual to be able to see clearly across the 10 mile ( 16 kilometer ) stretch of water as it’s often shrouded in fog.

several species of whales pass through the waters off quoddy head during their summer migration and i’m sure we’ll try and come up with a way for odin to get as close a look at them as we can withough disturbing them.

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