the eric update – day 355: when pops foolishly takes photographic evidence of attempting to sneak odin a french fry without mamma.

odin and i went on a trek to visit a local “drive up” snack bar in town that’s rumoured to sell suprisingly delicious seafood.

i should note that for reasons that are not entirely clear, the seasonal snack bar concept is quite a hit in maine. and most of them are not as “upscale” as jordan’s in ellsworth which gets enough business to warrant fancy signage and fresh coats of paint. many are barely more than run down shacks or trailors where you drive up next to the shack, place your order at a window and eat in your car as you watch other people drive up and place their orders and eat in their cars. of course, sometimes the food can be aweful, but more often then not, it’ll be better than anything you’d get from a national chain and not anything you’d expect to find given the appearences.

in anycase, we went searching for seafood, but once again i just couldn’t bring myself buy any seafood with the summer tourist prices in effect, so odin and i just sat back and people-watched as i enjoyed a few too many french fries.

he was so seriously studying me as i dipped the fries into the ketchup and put them in my mouth that i figured it was only fair to give him his first taste of the stuff. but he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. maybe he was just taking notes for another day.

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